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Safety Consulting

Don't Know Where to Begin Your Safety Plan?

Our consulting services can be an excellent starting point.

The experts at York Safety Solutions are dedicated to helping all industries find an unmatched level of safety and health across the board. However, some industries may not know exactly where to begin or how exactly to implement certain health and safety standards in order to be OSHA compliant.

Our efforts and consulting capabilities can streamline your current safety practices and expand on the efficiency of your safety training for employees.

We can assist with...

York Safety Solutions can create effective Safety plans specific to your construction site and general industry needs. The basic and necessary purpose of a current and all-encompassing plan is to outline specific rules and regulations relevant to your company and facility.

The plan gives a comprehensive guideline so proper management and accountability of safety issues can be guaranteed. The standards of practice outlined in a professionally designed safety plan will outline the responsibilities of everyone involved with your facility or site, including suppliers and vendors and make expectations clear. Our safety plans explicitly define appropriate corrective and preventative measures for various situations or issues that may arise. The safety plan you utilize and implement should also include detailed emergency and injury management plans. The ultimate goal of a safety plan is to help your industry obtain an injury and accident-free status along with assisting in the creation of a reliable and sound plan to handle any emergency that may unexpectedly arise.

The safety industry is evolving and there are always updates and ways to improve upon any safety record. At York Safety Solutions, we can devise and implement a safety plan that evolves when you need it to and serves to better help you reach a level of compliance you can be confident in.

Even though there are many regulations and safety and health standards that are practiced in a wide variety of construction and general industry, each job, each site and each facility have individual aspects that set them apart. This is why health and safety plans can’t be one-size-fits all. Because we understand the differences and individual needs that encompass construction and general industry, we design and implement job specific plans that can meet all of your health and safety needs.

The job specific plans implemented by York Safety Solutions can help every member of your team conduct themselves and their job under the umbrella of full OSHA compliance. The individual responsibilities and regulations that affect and pertain to a foreman on one site can be vastly different for another. There is also a notable difference in the level of responsibility and knowledge base of a new employee compared to a supervisor. At York Safety Solutions, we customize job specific plans for compliance and health and safety to meet your individual needs and requirements for all levels of employees and work environments.

For the optimal level of safety and health, along with a notable decrease in the instances of injury, accident, or OSHA citations, it is imperative that any industry obtains job specific plans from health and safety experts. The experts at York Safety Solutions can meet your industry’s job plan needs and help you achieve the highest level of health and safety excellence.

Having the team at York Safety Solutions as your partner for OSHA compliance and workplace health and safety programs shows your employees, your clients, and your insurance company that you are serious about providing the safest and healthiest work environment possible.

Our program management tools and capabilities can help any construction or general industry operation meet all codes and regulations to stay OSHA compliant. York Safety Solutions will conduct on-site meetings, review inspection reports, analyze citations, and adjust safety and health practices accordingly when needed. We are able to conduct training, provide valuable oversight, and measure current compliance so your construction site or general industry can maintain the standards of excellence necessary to keep time-loss costs down, OSHA citations down, injuries and worker’s compensation costs down, insurance rates down, while keeping productivity and trust up.

Our program management capabilities are competitively priced and an investment that will pay off as your company achieves the highest level of health and safety in your particular field.

Our team of highly trained experts will visit your site or facility and evaluate where you should be pertaining to certain safety and health standards. We can then help you navigate the process of implementing our suggestions, policies, and plans to make sure every aspect of your company or facility is up to code and compliant with current standards. We are able to formulate a plan that can be immediately put into action and construct manuals for employees and employers for future use.

Our consulting services are a proactive approach to instilling safety and health measures that protect your business from costly fines, rising insurance costs and lost time due to worker injury.

As work environments change, so do the methods of being complaint and areas that may need improvement and guidance. We are able to tackle workplace specific issues, such as workplace violence, and develop an individual approach and plan that meets you particular needs. We can essentially consult on a wide range of possible health and safety issues before they become a costly or dangerous issue for your company.

If you have an OSHA citation, our consultants can help you fight it and also prepare you for future compliance. Even if you are free from fines or citations, there is always room for improvement. Let York Safety Solutions conduct an evaluation of your construction site or facility and consult on where and how specific improvements can be made. Our goal is to help our clients consistently live up to our standards of safety first, never last, have a future, not a past.

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