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Safety Videos, Page 1

"Safety Shots" is an ongoing series of short videos explaining various OSHA requirements. Please share some or all with your team.

Safety Shot #12

Mobile Scaffolds

Charlie York describes the importance of locked and fully functional casters.

Safety Shot #11

Temporary Guardrails

Why bother with temporary guardrails? Charlie York is here to explain how they can be a lifesaver.

Safety Shot #10

Respirators vs Dust Masks

Charlie York explains the differences between two common types of face masks.

Safety Shot #9

First Aid & BBP

Do you know what to do in the event of a jobsite accident? Learn about first aid preparedness with Charlie York.

Safety Shot #8

Hazard Communications

It's no longer acceptable to simply write on a secondary container to identify its contents. Charlie York explains the correct way to label containers.

Safety Shot #7

Rebar Caps

Want to avoid impalement? Of course you do. Listen to this clip to find out how.

Safety Shot #6

Ground Fault Circuit Protection

Charlie York describes why it's critical to use permanent or portable GFCI outlets on the job site.

Safety Shot #5

Fire Extinguishers

If there is fuel on your job site, you better have an extinguisher. Charlie York will explain how to pick the right one.

Safety Shot #4

Proper Fuel Cans

Plastic fuel jugs might be good enough for your garage, but they don't belong on the job site.

Safety Shot #3


It's everyone's job to be S.A.F.E. Charlie York is here to explain why.

Safety Shot #2

CrossStep Ladders

Watch as Charlie York explains how new ladder technology improves the job site.

Safety Shot #1

Signs, Signals & Barricades

Charlie York explains how simple it can be to prevent accidents through the use of signs and barricades.

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