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Full-Service Safety Inspection, Training and Consulting Company

Prevent employee injuries, reduce insurance premiums, safeguard against lawsuits, and eliminate OSHA citations.

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Safety Inspections

Safety ConsultingGet an accurate analysis of your business’s compliance, and find out what areas may need adjustments and improvements.

Safety Training

Safety TrainingComprehensive and impactful job specific training for employees of all levels. These are offered on-site, in the classroom, or through live virtual training.

Safety Consulting

Safety TrainingWith over 150 years of combined experience and leadership in our industry, we can provide our clients with variety of other safety services to help them accomplish their safety goals and objectives.

Safety first, never last. Have a future, not a past.

Since 2006, York Safety Solutions has elevated the safety programs of many reputable companies in both construction and general industry.

Through comprehensive inspections, safety training, and written programs, we make it easy to keep your accidents, injuries and insurance premiums low and OSHA compliance a top priority.

Build Your Business

The cost of accident prevention is far lower than the cost of accidents.

York Safety Solutions can help your company:

  • Lower injury and illness rates
  • Decrease workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduce lost workdays
  • Reduce liability
  • Limit equipment damage and product loss
  • Improve your company’s reputation and opportunity for growth
York Safety Solutions

Build Your Leaders

Supervisors who understand workplace hazards as well as corrective actions add value to your business.

York Safety Solutions can help your leadership:

  • Comply with federal and state safety and health requirements
  • Become more effective at maintaining a safer workplace
  • Increase productivity rates and ensure product quality
  • Be awarded contracts from reputable clients who place an emphasis on safety
  • Find peace of mind knowing that a strong safety culture is in place
  • Develop and strengthen their personal leadership skills
York Safety Solutions

Build Your Team

Encouraging a culture of safety and buy-in from your team will create a more effective worksite.

York Safety Solutions can help your team:

  • Recognize and remove hazards in the workplace
  • Be protected from injury and illness
  • Prevent loss of life on the worksite
  • Become more alert and take responsibility for safety
  • Improve productivity due to reduced loss time accidents
  • Hold one another accountable
York Safety Solutions

OSHA Violation Representation

The fines, impact on your reputation, and ability to be awarded future projects can be extremely damaging when an OSHA violation becomes a reality. Our experts are able to passionately and professionally represent you and your interest in the face of OSHA violations.

York Safety Solutions can help your team by:

  • Conducting the walk through with the OSHA inspector
  • Ensuring undeserving citations are not written to begin with
  • Preventing valuable time and resources being spent to defend OSHA citations

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