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Safety Training

osha-10-hour-constructionA well-trained employee and employer along with a compliant, safe and healthy workplace is our ultimate goal. York Safety Solutions offers on-site, classroom, and online safety training for your company and employees. Our safety training is job specific to your particular health, safety, and environment needs. Safety training for all levels of your employee and employer hierarchy is available, including new employees, supervisor, and foreman training. We can come directly to your site and help your company save time and cost, while still receiving thorough and necessary training. York Safety Solutions also helps employers keep track of training schedules and requirements for individual workers through a training database so you are never caught in non-compliance due to an expired certification issue. This database will help you avoid falling victim to outdated or expired requirements that can lead to costly delays in work projects or OSHA fines and other liabilities.

Some of the more specific and common safety training instruction York Safety Solutions provides for general industry and construction includes:
• Overhead crane safety
• Fall protection
• Scaffolding safety
• Lockout/tagout
• Machine guarding
• Respirators
• Asbestos awareness
• Qualified Hand Signal
• Qualified Rigging
• Aerial lift
• Forklift
• Emergency Evacuation training
• Specific machine operation safety
• Many other job and workplace specific training programs and plans

Our hands-on and comprehensive training courses, including 10 and 30 hour class training is a streamlined and effective approach to ensuring optimal levels of safety and OSHA compliance across the board.

York Safety Solutions training capabilities combined with our wealth of knowledge of the health and safety industry are unmatched and cost-effective for all general industry and construction entities. Inquire about specific areas of expertise and how exactly we can enable your industry to rise to the challenge of putting safety first, never last so you can ensure your industry and employees have a future, not a past.