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General Industry OSHA CFR 1910

York Safety Solutions can help your general industry facility meet all OSHA CFR 1910 compliance standards and regulations. Our highly trained and educated team is able to come into your facility and pinpoint any areas that need improvement or adjustments. Being fully compliant will help your industry save time, money, and ensure everyone is protected by the highest safety and health standards possible.

With our training and guidance, we can elevate the current status quo of your general industry facility to a level where you will be fully prepared for an OSHA inspection. We know the ins and outs of OSHA CFR 1910 compliance for all facilities and industries, small or large scale. Some of common areas we are able to inspect and help you obtain full compliance in include:

• Proper use of equipment
• Proper functioning of equipment
• Necessary protective gear such as, eye protection, body protection, harnesses, electrical protection, chemical protection
• Pinpoint potential dangers and hazards
• Design emergency and evacuation plans
• Ensure proper training for employees
• Complete and comprehensive preparations for OSHA inspections and follow up inspections
• Any other area pertaining to OSHA CFR 1910 standards and regulations that directly relate to your particular general industry facility.

Our experts are trained, certified and educated on all aspects of the latest OSHA CFR 1910 standards and requirements. With our team on your side, your workplace will be as safe as possible for everyone as we help generate solutions and implement necessary changes. We believe the safety of your team and your facility is a paramount priority for any workplace and we will work diligently to ensure the highest standards of safety are fully met.