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Construction Industry OSHA CFR 1926

The construction industry can encompass a wide range of technologies, equipment, objectives, and can include massive industrial sites and even small home renovation sites. Our skilled team of highly trained and certified health and safety specialists can ensure your construction industry site is fully compliant with the latest OSHA CFR 1926 standards. It is vital that every aspect of your site and each and every employee be fully protected and the utmost standards of health and safety are met at all times. The affects of an OSHA violation can be far reaching and can indicate employees are at risk. Our ability to inspect your premises can ensure you pass any inspection afterwards. Our guidance, advice and solutions to problems you may not even know you have can help save you money, time, and protect the health and safety of your workers.

Our inspection process for construction industry OSHA CFR 1926 compliance typically entails issues related to the following areas:

• Fall protection
• Proper personal protective equipment and harnesses
• Functionality of equipment
• Proper training to use equipment
• Proper safety and emergency procedures
• Preparation for OSHA inspection and follow-up inspections
• Any other aspects of construction site health and safety standards as stated by OSHA CFR 1926

With experience all across the construction industry, members of our team are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of everyone on your team is a priority. We do more than point out problems. We generate solutions and help you implement those solutions to create the utmost safe and healthy working environment possible.